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Diamond Allure

Discover the beauty and luxury of ethical, lab-created diamond jewellery with our latest range – Diamond Allure.

Lab-grown diamonds are the modern and more affordable alternative to the coveted mined diamond. With the same level of beauty and quality, our lab-created diamond jewellery gives you more diamond for the same price. Our stunning, 9ct white gold collection features beautiful full-cut, GH-SI clarity, lab-created diamonds made with elegance and sustainability at the heart.

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Why Lab Diamonds?

Lab diamonds have overturned the jewellery industry. Also known as “man-made” or “cultured” diamonds, they are grown in laboratories under conditions that have been created to mimic those under which natural diamonds are cultivated. Created using innovative technology, lab-made diamond jewellery offers a modern alternative to natural diamonds. While they are lower cost than the natural options, they are of no less quality. In fact, lab-created diamonds are practically identical when it comes to their appearance and composition – all the sparkle for a fraction of the price.

Sustainable Lab-Created Diamonds

Diamond mining can come at a huge cost to the environment – as with any other type of industrial mining – and there’s a limited resource. Enter the cultured diamond: a man-made, sustainable alternative.


Discover our new sustainably lab-created diamond collection: Diamond Allure. Each timeless design features brilliant full-cut, lab-grown diamonds set in sumptuous 9ct white gold. We offer sustainable sparkle in abundance.


We have also taken extra care to ensure that the Primrose Hill packaging is made from sustainable, recyclable materials.

Timeless, Lab-Created Diamond Jewellery

No jewellery collection is complete without a few diamonds. Our lab-grown diamond jewellery range consists of renewed, timeless silhouettes that can be treasured for years to come. Both decadent and versatile, our lab diamonds are available in various carat options, making for an ideal gift for any special occasion.


At Primrose Hill, we don’t compromise on quality. We combine sparkle and beauty in perfect harmony with a lustrous and elegant finish to complete any jewellery collection. Our lab created-diamond jewellery is completed with a modern polished finish and anti-tarnish plating. From classic solitaire rings, earrings and necklaces, to hoop earrings and tennis bracelets, our timeless collection complements any style.

Start building your set with lab-created diamond jewellery at Primrose Hill. To add to your everyday collection, browse our complete range of women’s jewellery – with classic, ageless designs to suit every aesthetic.

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