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How is our jewellery skin safe?

All of our jewellery is protected against all known metal allergens making it safe for your skin, even if you already have skin or metal allergies.

Our suppliers have been certified as AnchorCert Pro compliant, meaning that our hypoallergenic jewellery is officially kind to your skin and won't flare up any nickel or metal allergies that is a common problem for 20% of the UK's population.

Jewellery that is certified safe to skin by AnchorCert Protect
AnchorCert Pro certified safe jewellery

How does AnchorCert Protect work?

AnchorCert Protect is a unique product testing method carried out by independent testing laboratories that helps manufacturers identify the metallic elements most likely to cause a skin allergy. Once these elements have been identified, the manufacturing process can be managed to ensure that the finished article cannot cause an allergic reaction.


Any item that has passed the AnchorCert Protect test is highly unlikely to cause an allergic reaction leaving you safe in the knowledge that you can wear the product with confidence.

What does being AnchorCert Pro certified mean?

Ultimately, this means complete freedom from metal allergies and sensitivities for the majority of people. No other testing standard offers this distinction. Meaning that you are able to wear our hypoallergenic jewellery with reassurance that it will be kind to your skin (especially important for little ones!).

We are one of the few companies in the industry to be able to certify that our jewellery products will not cause allergic reactions in wearers.

Skin safe jewellery for babies, children and adults
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