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Add richness and sophistication to your outfits with 9ct gold jewellery from Primrose Hill. Nothing says luxury like the warmth of pure gold, and we have a range of designs and finishes to suit any taste. From dazzling white gold to modern and stylish rose gold, discover our range of 9ct gold bangles, earrings and necklaces.


Looking for a heartfelt gift? Then try our 9ct gold jewellery with birthstones or lab-created diamonds for that extra sparkle. Why not create your very own 9ct jewellery sets by mixing and matching our gold jewellery to achieve a refined and charming look? Gold isn’t just for special occasions anymore. Discover your perfect 9ct gold jewellery below.

Contemporary Gold Jewellery

Saving your gold jewellery for special occasions is a thing of the past. Embrace your femininity and strength with our range of 9ct gold jewellery. Partner one of our lab-created diamond 9ct gold jewellery sets with jeans for a classic, elegant look whilst catching up with friends over coffee, or running errands. While our white gold jewellery adds an ethereal look to any outfit. For a pop of colour, why not try our white 9ct gold drop earrings with fire opals or rubies?


Prefer a warm glow? Empower yourself with our yellow and rose gold jewellery collection – available in traditional styles, such as crosses, discs and hearts, and more unique designs, such as bumblebees, evil eyes and shells. Why not add a matching ring or a bracelet for a completed look? At Primrose Hill, we have everything you need to elevate your everyday.

Find Perfect 9ct Gold Jewellery Sets at Primrose Hill

Gift buying can be difficult. Finding that perfect, sentimental item of jewellery can feel impossible. But don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for. Our collection of 9ct gold jewellery can be easily mixed and matched to create a stunning set. Show a loved one how much you adore them with our beautiful birthstone 9ct gold jewellery sets. Select from earrings, necklaces and bracelets all adorned with glistening gemstones that correlate to one month of the year.


Need something more personal? Then try our yellow 9ct gold initial necklace so you can give the gift of love to your friends and family. They can carry you around with them, wherever they go. Why not add matching earrings and bracelet for the ultimate 9ct gold jewellery set?

Beautiful 9ct Gold Bangles, Necklaces and Earrings

At Primrose Hill, we have 9ct gold jewellery for every member of the family. Our collection includes warm and sweet 9ct gold bangles for little ones that make adorable gifts at a Christening, as well as delicate, engravable 9ct gold jewellery that can be inscribed with any heartfelt message for a family member to treasure for generations. Whether you’re looking for an everyday necklace or a special occasion bracelet, we have everything you need to create gorgeous 9ct jewellery sets.

Browse our range of 9ct gold jewellery online today and treat yourself or your loved ones to a stunning necklace, pair of earrings, bracelet or ring. Want to add to your jewellery collection? Then why not have a look at our women’s jewellery and embrace your inner femininity?

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