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Recycled silver jewellery for women
9ct gold rings for women, luxury feminine rings made with diamonds and semi precious stones


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Find the perfect fit for your occasion in our range of women’s jewellery. Whether you’re looking for the everyday necklace or a pair of statement earrings for an upcoming event, the collection contains items that will match your aesthetic and personal taste. Our women’s jewellery promotes strength, freedom and peace. Find the perfect match for you in our collection below.

925 Sterling Silver Jewellery for Women
Primrose Hill packaging made from eco conscious and recycled materials

Classically Designed Women’s Jewellery

You can never go wrong with the staples. That’s why our collection contains versatile and timeless jewellery for her. Whether you’re looking for graceful gold jewellery for women to be worn day to day, or statement diamond jewellery for women dazzle friends and family, our collection contains a variety of timeless pieces.

Create Jewellery Sets for Women

We have items that are designed with nostalgia and vintage style in mind, as well as modern, minimal women’s jewellery that can be combined to form cohesive jewellery sets for women. From minimalistic rings to matching earring and necklace sets, complete your look with the collection of women’s jewellery from Primrose Hill.

Personalised Women’s Jewellery

Engravable jewellery is a canvas for creativity. Our personalisation service means that you can add a touch of your own aesthetic to our classic, timeless designs to celebrate any occasion. We have a selection of modern women’s jewellery pieces that you can make special – adding sentiment and emotion to your choice of gift – whether that’s an engraved necklace or bracelet, or complete engraved jewellery sets for women, with earrings, too. Creating a jewellery collection in the same alloy and finish will allow for effortless styling.

Women’s Jewellery Brands at Primrose Hill

We have a variety of home-brand women’s designer fashion jewellery and coveted women’s jewellery brands available. These include:


Elements Gold: A formal, high-end ladies’ jewellery brand with high-quality fine jewellery all made from solid 9ct gold, adorned with a range of gemstones.

Diamonfire: A gleaming combination of 925 sterling silver and their iconic “ideal cut” – which is a perfect 57-facet cut – zirconia stones. This range of women’s jewellery is ideal for brides to be and formal evening wear.

Fiorelli: Another high-end ladies’ jewellery brand with fashionable style and quality finishes. We stock both gold and silver Fiorelli women’s jewellery.

D for Diamond: Our primary children’s jewellery range, ideal for little girls and boys. All items within the collection are made of hallmarked, 925 silver, featuring D for Diamond’s signature diamond setting.

Want to try the range out for yourself? Take advantage of our free and fast UK delivery when you order jewellery for her.

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