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Discover a range of timeless sterling silver jewellery in our collection and glam up for the everyday. At Primrose Hill, you can discover dainty silver necklaces and bracelets, as well as stand-out rings and stud earrings. Our extensive range of sterling silver jewellery is packed with modern classics, suitable for layering, and statement pieces designed for empowerment. We have everything you need to complete your sterling silver jewellery collection and bring the sparkle to every occasion.

Timeless Sterling Silver Jewellery for the Everyday

Divine. Elegant. Timeless. You can never go wrong with the staples.


Add a touch of sophistication to your style with elegant sterling silver jewellery. We have a range of silver jewellery designs to pair with any aesthetic and complete any look – day or night. From charm necklaces and hoop earrings to studs and rings. So, whether you’re looking for stand-out, chunky silver jewellery to make a statement or more delicate sterling silver designer jewellery for the everyday, we have a range of pieces that will help you embody the look you’re going for.


We have a variety of home-brand sterling silver jewellery and coveted jewellery brands available, including Diamonfire and Fiorelli.

Dreamy Sterling Silver Jewellery Sets

Prepare for any upcoming event with our stunning silver jewellery sets, which include a necklace and a matching pair of earrings. We have styles that last and can be treasured for a lifetime, which makes our sterling silver the perfect choice for gifting or a treat for yours truly. All of our silver jewellery designs are versatile and timeless, with strength, freedom and empowerment at the heart.


Our sterling silver designer jewellery can be mixed and matched to create your own bespoke set to suit your personal aesthetic. Creating a jewellery collection in the same alloy and finish will allow for effortless styling.

Sterling Silver Personalised Jewellery

Looking for that perfect, heartfelt gift for a loved one? Add a touch of sentimentality with our sterling silver personalised jewellery – it’s completely customisable so you can celebrate a special occasion or simply express your adoration. Meaningful, intimate and unforgettable. Making it personal couldn’t be easier. Our sterling silver jewellery embodies classic, timeless designs that match with any aesthetic, and can be engraved with personal messages.

Order your favourite sterling silver jewellery online with Primrose Hill – our collection is designed to empower and inspire. Check out our complete range of women’s jewellery for more.

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