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Picture this: you’ve given your loved one a gift that makes their eyes light up and mouth fall open in surprise and wonder. What have you given them? Most of us will picture an item of jewellery. A locket filled with pictures for a beloved mother, a bracelet commemorating an 18th birthday or graduation, or even that special ring that represents eternal devotion and love.


Jewellery is one of the best gifts you can spoil your loved ones with. It can be treasured for a lifetime and every time they wear it, they’re carrying a bit of your love around with them. But personalising jewellery can create something extraordinary.


If you want to make your jewellery gift even more special, then consider adding a personal touch. But, if you’re sitting there wondering what to write on personalised jewellery, then don’t worry – Primrose Hill is here to help.


Discover our favourite engraving ideas for all occasions. We’ve separated them into sections, but with a little creativity, you can apply any of these ideas to your situation.

what to write on personalised jewellery


Popping the question is probably one of the most nerve-racking experiences anyone can go through. Whether you’re about to muster up the courage to ask your loved one to stay by your side forever or are looking for the perfect ring to symbolise your love for the big day, here are our top engagement and wedding ring engraving ideas.



First used in 600 BC, the Phoenicians used the heavens to calculate latitude and longitude to determine where they were in the world. No matter how far you’ve travelled, there will always be special places in the world that mean something to you and your partner.


Whether it’s the spot where you first met, the place you had your first holiday together, or where you got married or engaged. Why not embrace the magic of the stars and commemorate that moment in time by engraving the latitude and longitude of that place on a piece of jewellery? 



It’s an obvious one, but one that is steeped in tradition. Between the 5th and 15th centuries, poesy rings were popular in France and England. The name poesy comes from the French word “poesie” meaning poem, and these rings were engraved with quotes from poems or books that were exchanged between friends and lovers.


The act of engraving quotes into jewellery pieces is still strong today. Ensure that you use something personal for both you and your partner. You could include a quote from:

  • Personal love letters or text messages.

  • Favourite films, TV series, poems, or books.

  • Special bible verses.

  • Best-loved song lyrics.

friendship bracelet engraving ideas


It’s not just lovers who can create sensational pieces of jewellery. Our friends are there for us through thick and thin. They deserve to be spoiled from time to time, and what better way to show how much you adore them than through a friendship bracelet or necklace.


Whether you treat them to something special or get a matching set to take on the world together, here are our favourite friendship bracelet engraving ideas.



From hearts and infinity signs to fun emojis, symbols range from sentimental to playful and entertaining. However you express your love for one another, symbols are a great idea for engraved jewellery as they can add a personal touch, without going too overboard.


Whether you choose something spiritual, cute, or hilarious, there are plenty of symbols that can make your gift truly special. Why not create two identical jewellery pieces – one for you to keep and one to give to your bestie?


Similar to the quotes, messages are a great way of reminding your best friend how much they mean to you. It could be something meaningful, a few words spoken when they need a reminder of how awesome they are. Or it could be a running personal joke that always causes the pair of you to cry with laughter. Engrave a message into a bracelet or necklace and carry the memory of your perfect days spent together around forever.

jewellery engraving ideas for parents


Life changes when you become a parent, and what better way to commemorate that role than with jewellery? Whether it’s celebrating the birth of a child or reminding a parent or carer how special they are on Mother’s or Father’s day, we have the perfect jewellery engraving ideas for parents and children.


Every fingerprint is unique and so engraving it will make a wonderful, one-of-a-kind jewellery piece. You’ll generally want a larger surface for this, so a flat necklace or locket, a cuff bracelet or the back of a watch.


Children are wonderfully creative. Their drawings and doodles can brighten up any day. Gone are the days when children’s artwork is hung on the fridge, instead it can be preserved on an item of jewellery. Capture these lovely snapshots of moments in time and share them with your loved ones.


You may think that hand-drawn doodles and drawings couldn’t be an option for engravable jewellery, but at Primrose Hill, we offer the option of engraving hand-drawn designs and messages.

jewellery engraving ideas


Sometimes, there doesn’t need to be a grand occasion to treat your nearest and dearest. If you need a little pick me up after a hard week or want to celebrate the little wins in your loved one’s life, then adding an engraving to a small gift can make it even more exceptional.


Numbers can have a variety of meanings, from the date and time you first met your life partner, to the year that you graduated or got your dream job. Some people also have lucky numbers that have helped guide them through life. Whatever special numbers you have in your life, make them shine by engraving them on a wallet, signet ring or dog tag.


Another classic. Engraving your partner’s, children’s or friend’s initials into your jewellery allows you to take their love with you – no matter how far you wander. Initialled jewellery makes a contemporary yet timeless addition to your outfit.


We hope our list of engraving ideas has helped you decide on what to write on personalised jewellery. If you’re ready to create something beautiful, then we’re here to help. At Primrose Hill, we offer free personalisation on our range of engravable jewellery.


Simply pick the piece of jewellery you want personalising, then fill in the accompanying form on the product page. Or if you want something completely unique, such as a drawing or handwritten text, then email it to us at and we’ll do the rest.


Shop our range of women’s jewellery online today and create something beautiful that can be treasured for a lifetime.

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